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Personal Trainer in Chipping Norton, Sport and Remedial therapist  

Triumph Fitness Ltd is Chipping Norton’s leading personal training company with a fully qualified personal trainer covering Chipping Norton and surrounding area. Your personal trainer will provide you with specific training whether your goal is fat and weight loss, muscle toning and muscle gain, sports fitness or general health and fitness. With Triumph Fitness , personal training is the most effective way to achieve and maintain your goals. We can train you at home or at our gym and offer great flexibility with regards to time and budget.


About Dan Buda 

My name is Dan Buda and I am a personal trainer and sports and remedial therapist with many years of experience and continued education throughout those years. I bring to the table a great passion and knowledge for exercise and the contributing factors that come along with it.

My experience from the theory to the practical aspect of the human body towards health and fitness, brings a unique perspective to exercise. Over the years I have studied and applied numerous exercise ideas from many fitness experts and integrated them all into one unique strategy. Armed with this information I constantly try to improve myself so that I can make it easier and better to help others by inspiring them with my passion for the fitness lifestyle.

I practice what I preach with tried and proven principles by adjusting exercises and intensity levels to each persons unique needs and starting points so that my clients are guided to learn not just how to exercise but how to think and feel about it as well. This will propel you in staying motivated and excited about working out and becoming your best, as I have done this for myself and other people as well .

Chipping Norton training studio

Chipping Norton training studio

For my clients I guide them away from mistakes and misunderstandings of the human body and create a clear road to success without the frustrations commonly felt by people in the exercise community.

Having a great looking body and a body that is in good health is something most everyone wants. Looking trim and lean is a great feeling; however, sometimes when we try on our own to lose weight and look good, we miss the mark.

Chipping Norton training studio

Chipping Norton training studio

Chipping Norton training studio

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      Client Testimonials

      Bleinheim triathalon 2017- Thank you Dan ! Thank you Dan for training me for this event . it was really great and i am so happy that i have done it. Thank you for being so dedicated to my  3 months of training and i could not have done it without you. blenheim triathlon 2017

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      Oxford half marathon 2016- Thank you Dan ! We trained with personal trainer  Dan Buda  with a specific target in mind, the Oxford Half Marathon! It seemed a long shot as none of us had done more than 5k before and the race was only ten weeks away. Dan designed a training programme that was tough but fun. After lots of core training, intervals and hill training,  we all completed the run, had a fantastic day and felt a real sense of achievement. He has achieved the impossible and turned us into runners, so thanks Dan you are the best! PERSONAL TRAINER OXFORD, DAN BUDA , RUNNERS

      Kath Parker
      Wellers Oxford