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Q1: What are some good reasons to work with a personal trainer?

A: There are many good reasons to have a qualified personal trainer

  • To learn proper exercise technique.
  • To do the best exercises ,that are best for you.
  • To be motivated and help you stay focused for the long-term benefits of exercise.
  • To get faster and better results that you may never get on your own.

It is important that you learn the right habits from someone who practices what they preach for at least few years straight. The next best reasons to work with a qualified personal trainer is to get results, because once you get results all the other great habits can fall into place.

Q2: Why Triumph Fitness? What can I get from working with you that I can’t get anywhere else?

A: Most programs offer you only a partial solution. It could be a diet plan with a little bit of nutrition advice, or a workout plan with a little bit of diet advice. Either way, you’re giving up a big chunk of your results. With our program, we coach you on all the different components you need to succeed long term with your fitness program: nutrition, supplementation, resistance training, cardiovascular training, flexibility training, and coaching. What that means is that even people who have failed on other programs succeed with ours. It’s a new way of looking at things, a true lifestyle change.

If you’re into having a complete program that’s step by step, and “done-for-you” from top to bottom so all you have to do is show up…then you’ll love working with us. You’ll also love how it makes you feel. The powerful combination of our highly personalized nutrition plans, with our unique, periodized training protocols is proven by our long list of client success stories. Besides that, we love to serve, and are willing to go that extra mile to help you become our next success story.

Q3: How is Triumph Fitness different from just getting a trainer at my gym?

A: While there are some good trainers working at commercial gyms, there are a lot of underqualified ones too. This makes hiring a trainer at your gym a bit of a gamble. Most gyms pay their trainers a fraction of what you pay for the session. For that reason, many of their trainers are inexperienced. Many of them are working part-time while they study for what they really want to do as a career. Saying they’re certified doesn’t necessarily mean anything either. Some certifications are as easy as taking a weekend course and passing an exam.

Our trainers are all career fitness professionals with a minimum of three years experience. They are submitted to a rigorous screening process . They are extremely skilled at teaching our unique, periodization-based workout protocols, are positive motivators, and have many client success stories to their credit.

The best way to know that beyond a doubt is to get to know us. Contact us for a no-obligation trial session during which you can meet with one of our trainers and see if what we have to offer is for you.

Q4: Where do I need to go to do the training sessions?

A: We operate from Unipart House in oxford and Bloxham Business Centre . Most of our clients choose to work with us in our facility because it’s equipped with everything you need and more. However, some clients still prefer the privacy and convenience of working with us in their home or gym. Our in home training programs are subject to availability.

Q5: How often are the sessions?

A: It depends on your goals and how motivated you are. Most clients begin training with us anywhere from one to three times per week. We do nutrition follow up sessions on a bi-weekly basis at first, and then less frequently as you become more accustomed to your new eating habits.

Q6: How long are the sessions?

A: Training sessions are typically an hour, and nutrition follow up sessions are fifteen minutes

Q7: How much does the program cost?

A: Because we customize the program to your needs, the investment varies quite a bit depending on what options you choose.

Q8: I’m busy. How many workouts per week do I need to commit to on this program?

A: We can certainly relate to your being busy! The answer depends on what your goals are. That is something that we would discuss in more detail during your consultation. We typically recommend three / four resistance/cardio training workouts per week .

Depending on what program options you choose, not every session will be an appointment with your trainer (e.g. if you meet your trainer once a week, you will be expected to work out on your own at least two additional times. For these solo workouts, your trainer will provide you with the full routine). When done correctly, even as little as a one hour workout, three times per week can produce dramatic improvements.

Don’t forget, the time you spend working out gives you more time each day, because it makes you more productive by increasing your energy, your ability to concentrate, and your ability to manage stress!

Q9: What does the nutrition plan consist of? Are they packaged meals?

A: No!

We help you to understand better how your body responds to food, coach you to making better choices, and support you in changing developing more supportive eating habits. You’re eating your own food, and food that can be purchased from any grocery store.

While building out your initial plan, we help you find a balance that makes sense for you given any limitations you may have, as far as your time, your tastes, or any food intolerances that may exist. It can be as preparation intensive as you’d like it to be. Most of our clients opt for a mix of self-prepared and various grab-and-go options.

Q10: How long does a program last?

A: It depends on what your goals are.

Generally speaking, we work with you until you reach your goals, then we help you develop a maintenance program. Our clients understand that reaching your ideal health and body is a process that takes time. That’s why many of them have committed to six or twelve month programs. It’s ultimately up to you, and is based on what you’d like to achieve with the program.( for someone that has 30+ pounds to lose, it can take 5 to 6 months) .

Q11: When are your trainers available?

A: We generally book clients anywhere from 6.30AM to about 9PM during the week, and 9AM to 3PM on Saturdays, depending on availability. We do not book appointments on Sundays. We do our best to accommodate your schedule. During your consultation, we’ll discuss the times that work best for you. We recommend that you establish regular appointments with your trainer, because in this way it can become a part of your routine. However, we understand that things may come up, and we are always flexible. You can change appointments without otherwise affecting your program, as long as you provide at least 24 hours notice.

Q12: Do I have to buy a membership?

A: No. There is no membership or additional cost to use the facility. You commit to your program, and on that basis you gain access to the facility. Most gyms and training studios will require you to have a membership before participating in a personal training program, but we do not.

Q13: What are the recommended supplements?

A: We will be able to recommend a good supplement protocol once we’ve had a chance to learn more about your needs. Nutrition and effective exercise are the foundation of our program. That being said, a good supplement program can make a world of difference. The basics are usually a good multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, and supportive meal replacements like shakes and bars for times when you’re on-the-go.

Q14: What will I be doing during a typical session?

A: It varies quite a bit depending on what training phase you’re in, and what we’re focusing on. That being said, each training session is usually a combination of lifting weights, using weight machines, doing bodyweight exercises, and cardio intervals. The workouts are designed to challenge your muscles while also challenging your heart and lungs. This methodology has proven extremely effective in improving fitness levels and lowering body fat .

Depending on how the workout has been planned by your trainer, you may be asked to do some treadmill, elliptical, rowing or kick-boxing at the end of your session. Your trainer will be coaching you every step of the way, so you’ll learn how to perform each exercise correctly, and you’ll never be in doubt.

Q15: Will I have a program to follow on days when I’m not working with my trainer?

A: Your program is entirely laid out for you. If you are on a three day per week training frequency with your trainer, you will not need to do additional resistance training workouts. You may opt to do cardio workouts on your off days to increase your rate of fat loss. If you are seeing your trainer once or twice per week, you’ll have a precise program to follow on solo workout days. There’s no guesswork involved here. We want to give you the best possible chance at having amazing results with your program!

Q16: Are the workouts hard?

The beauty of working with one of our experts is that the workouts will always be at the appropriate intensity for your fitness level. You will be challenged, but it will never be more than what you can handle. If you are able to do it, and enjoy being pushed to the maximum, our trainers can do that very well also! Either way, the workouts are structured to ensure your progress. You can expect to get stronger, and achieve new heights with your fitness levels, no matter what level you are today.

We get that it can be hard to envision it sometimes unless you see it for yourself. That’s why we allow you to sample our service at absolutely no cost, and with no further obligation. In that way you can meet us, see that we’re real, genuine people, see our space, and decide if what we have to offer fits what you’re looking for. If nothing else, you’ll get a fun workout, learn a few things, and get advice from a fitness trainer who’s at the top of his/her profession.

Q17: What is the best way to get lean and lose the fat?

A: You need to do both strength training and cardio to get the best results timed in a specific way. You also need a good pre workout and post workout nutrition to help you get the most out of your workouts.

Q18: In the past I have trained very intensely with little results to show for it why?

A: There are many reasons why this could happen

  • Incorrect exercise technique
  • Not getting enough sleep for your activity level
  • Incorrect exercise program for your fitness level and needs
  • An inadequate diet for your activity level and fitness level
  • Over training for long periods of time or not exercising enough for your goals

All or just one of these reasons could be why you experience a lack of results. I will gather the correct information from you about your training and lifestyle and correct the problems that are stopping you from succeeding , so you will succeed instead.

Q19: Is drinking water important when working out?

A: Yes it is ,in fact I have a page handout that explains all the benefits of drinking water to improve performance and health and how it helps the body burn fat. Water is a free powerful nutrient when combined with a good exercise program.

Q20: Is it better to lift light weight for high reps to get toned?

A: No! you need the correct amount of weight that challenges you and how you lift the weight that determines how much tone you will receive. It is the technique speed and exercise form, that will determine how much tone you will receive from

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      Bleinheim triathalon 2017- Thank you Dan ! Thank you Dan for training me for this event . it was really great and i am so happy that i have done it. Thank you for being so dedicated to my  3 months of training and i could not have done it without you. blenheim triathlon 2017

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      Oxford half marathon 2016- Thank you Dan ! We trained with personal trainer  Dan Buda  with a specific target in mind, the Oxford Half Marathon! It seemed a long shot as none of us had done more than 5k before and the race was only ten weeks away. Dan designed a training programme that was tough but fun. After lots of core training, intervals and hill training,  we all completed the run, had a fantastic day and felt a real sense of achievement. He has achieved the impossible and turned us into runners, so thanks Dan you are the best! PERSONAL TRAINER OXFORD, DAN BUDA , RUNNERS

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