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Top 10: Reasons People Commonly Give for Not Exercising

Posted by Dan Buda on June 5, 2012 in Instructional Advice


1.Don’t have the time to exercise. Research documents the fact that exercising does not have to be time-consuming to be beneficial. For example, engaging in physical activity for as little as 15 minutes a day (either on a continuous, nonstop basis or cumulatively in several increments) can help you be heart healthy.

2. Don’t know how to exercise. Truth be known, exercising is not a particularly complex undertaking. The basic key is to just get moving. Walk, run, swim, join a group-exercise class. . . whatever rings your motivational bell. If you want sound advice and guidance on your exercise efforts from an expert, you should consult a health/fitness professional who has been certified by a credible professional organization . read more »

Ready To Run

Posted by Dan Buda on June 5, 2012 in Blog, Instructional Advice, News
Ready To Run

Ready To Run: By Dr. Mark Nimchuk

Over the last 16 weeks, I have been fortunate enough to help guide and instruct a group of dedicated local runners in preparation for a marathon that took place last week. Along with the actual training the group did, 3 times a week, we have also been blessed with a line-up of expert speakers that helped educate us on strength training, yoga, mental preparation and of course, race nutrition. read more »

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    Bleinheim triathalon 2017- Thank you Dan ! Thank you Dan for training me for this event . it was really great and i am so happy that i have done it. Thank you for being so dedicated to my  3 months of training and i could not have done it without you. blenheim triathlon 2017

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